All About Sunshine...

Sunshine is a family owned business founded in 1938. Sunshine has been working for three generations to serve our customers for all their uniform needs. Sunshine's only business is top quality school clothing and we design, manufacture, and retail our own line of school uniforms. Our manufacturing capabilities begin with the design of the fabric pattern and continue through production of the final garment. Each school has a unique “look”.

Sunshine is a “top three” school uniform supplier in the entire nation and the largest in the Southeast USA serving approximately 300 private schools. Sunshine's hard-working, highly dedicated and very knowledgeable staff is committed to serving students and parents with the best customer service and the highest quality uniforms at a very reasonable price. Our only goal is customer satisfaction. Sunshine spares no effort or expense in meeting this goal. We work for you!

The Sunshine team works directly with each school to meet their needs and provide an individual “look” which encompasses all daily wear items, physical education and outerwear garments. Sunshine is a “soup-to-nuts”  company, controlling all aspects of development and service. Our design and product development department works year round incorporating fresh ideas into a practical and fashionable garment that provides not only comfort but also a sense of style!

Sunshine has the technological resources to guarantee that every child will be in uniform on the first day of school.